Korea DOI Center의 DOI 접두사 할당현황은 다음과 같다.

10.17496Yonsei university college of medicine2018.04.12
10.22692Korea Environmental Scinece & Technology Institute, Inc.2018.04.06
10.12925korean oil chemists' Society2018.03.06
10.22685The Society for Transdisciplinary StudiesThe Society for Transdisciplinary Studies2018.02.14
10.22683Korean Society of Neurological Occupational Therapy2018.01.10
10.23895Korea Development Institute2018.01.10
10.22679Center for Silk Road & Central Asia2018.01.10
10.22680Korean Auto-vehicle Safety Association2018.01.10
10.22678DAEHAN Society of Industrial Management2018.01.08
10.22156Convergence Society for SMB2018.01.08
10.5228The Korean Society for Technology of Plasticity2017.12.27
10.5656Korean Society of Applied Entomology2017.12.27
10.5856Korean Academy of Dental Sciences2017.12.27
10.15522Korean Academy of Esthetic Dentistry2017.12.27
10.14476The Korean Academy of Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine2017.12.27
10.5351The Korean Statistical Society,Korean International Statisical Society2017.12.27
10.5660The Korean Society of Weed Science and The Turfgrass Society of Korea Archive2017.11.30
10.7836The Korean Solar Energy Society2017.11.30
10.5423Korean Society of Plant Pathology2017.11.30
10.7742The Korean Society of Radiology (KSR)2017.11.30
10.14406Society for Meridian and Acupoint2017.11.30
10.5851Korean Society for Food Science of Animal Resources2017.11.30
10.5397Korean Shoulder and Elbow Society2017.11.30
10.7740The Korean Society of Crop Science2017.11.30
10.14317Korean Society of Computational and Applied Mathematics2017.11.30
10.7733The Korean Radioactive Waste Society2017.11.30
10.4217Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology2017.11.30
10.6564Korean Magnetic Resonance Society2017.11.30
10.17661The Korea Institute of Information & Electronic Communication Technology2017.11.30
10.5345The Korean Institute of Building Construction2017.11.30
10.7583Korea Game Society2017.11.30
10.7586Korean Academy of Biological Nursing Science2017.11.30
10.5303The Korean Astronomical Society2017.11.30
10.7738Korean Association of Architectural History2017.11.30
10.7743Korean Institute of Sustainable Design and Educational Environment2017.11.30
10.21022Council on Tall Building and Urban Habitat Korea2017.11.30
10.7744Institute of Agricultural Science, CNU2017.11.30
10.7745Korean Society of Soil Science and Fertilizer2017.11.30
10.11002The Korean Society of Food Preservation2017.11.30
10.5757The Korean Vacuum Society2017.11.30
10.3741Korea Water Resources Association2017.11.30
10.4489The Korean Society of Mycology2017.11.30
10.20928Rural Development Administration2017.11.16
10.22674The Society of Korean Herbal Medicine Information2017.11.05
10.12812Korea Safety Management and Science2017.10.31
10.7854Petrological Society of Korea2017.10.31
10.5855The Korean Society for Energy2017.10.31
10.7842The Korean Institute of GAS2017.10.31
10.12814Korean Geosynthetics Society2017.10.31
10.7165World Technopolis Association2017.10.31
10.9711Korean Tunnelling and Underground Space Association2017.10.31
10.17702The Society of Adhesion and Interface, Korea2017.10.31
10.12939The Korean Society of Fisheries Business Administration2017.10.31
10.5012Korean Chemical Society2017.10.31
10.7741The Costume Culture Association2017.10.31
10.6108The Korean Society of Propulsion Engineers2017.10.31
10.7783The Korean Society of Medicinal Crop Science2017.10.31
10.5666Department of Mathematics, Kyungpook National University2017.10.31
10.15681Korean Society on Water Environment2017.10.31
10.7839The Korean Society for Fluid Power2017.10.31
10.14578Korean Forest Society2017.10.31
10.5515The Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science2017.10.31
10.4134The Korean Mathematical Society2017.10.31
10.3745Korea Information Processing Society2017.10.31
10.6113The Korean Institute of Power Electronics2017.10.31
10.14348Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology2017.10.31
10.5352Korean Society of Life Science2017.10.31
10.9721Korean Society of Food Science and Technology2017.10.31
10.3796The Korean Society of Fisheries Technology2017.10.31
10.12940The Korean Society of Fashion Business2017.10.31
10.5407The Korean Society of Visualization2017.10.31
10.11108The Korean Association of Geographic Information Studies2017.10.31
10.12653Korean Association of Agricultural Extension2017.10.31
10.5805The Society of Fashion and Textile Industry2017.10.31
10.5140The Korean Space Science Society2017.10.31
10.14370East-west Nursing Research Institute2017.10.31
10.8888Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information2017.10.11
10.5657The Korean Society of Fisheries and Aquatic Science2017.09.12
10.5806The Korean Society of Analytical Science2017.09.12
10.5389The Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers2017.09.12
10.5532Korean Society of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology2017.09.12
10.5307Korean Society for Agricultural Machinery2017.09.12
10.9719The Korean Society of Economic and Environmental Geology2017.09.12
10.9720The Korea Society of Engineering Gelology2017.09.12
10.14249Korean Society of Environmental Impact Assessment2017.09.12
10.5764The Korean Society of Dyers and Finishers2017.09.12
10.7234The Korean Society for Composite Materials2017.09.12
10.3743Korean Society for Information Management2017.09.12
10.7230Korean Society of Cartoon and Animation Studies2017.09.12
10.5977The Korean Academic Society of Nursing Education2017.09.12
10.13064The Korean Society of Speech Sciences2017.09.12
10.5932Korean Society of public Health Nursing2017.09.12
10.5574Korean Society of Ocean Engineers2017.09.12
10.5831The Honam Mathematical Society2017.09.12
10.7471Institute of Korean Electrical and Electronics Engineers2017.09.12
10.6117The Korean Microelectronics and Packaging Society2017.09.12
10.5859The Korea Association of Information Systems2017.09.12
10.7850The Korean Society of Oceanography2017.09.12
10.7231The Korean Society of Oriental Neuropsychiatry2017.09.12
10.7781Korean Society of Steel Construction2017.09.12
10.7318Korean Society of Food Culture2017.09.12
10.9799The Korean Society of Food and Nutrition2017.09.12
10.7847The Korean Society of Fish Pathology2017.09.12
10.5369The Korean Sensors Society2017.09.12
10.13087The Korea Society of Environmental Restoration Technology2017.09.12
10.21289The Korean Society of Industry Convergence2017.09.12
10.7472Korean Society for Internet Information2017.09.12
10.5394Korean Institute of Navigation and Port Research2017.09.12
10.5370The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers2017.09.12
10.4313The Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers2017.09.12
10.7844The Korean Institute of Resources Recycling2017.09.12
10.5695The Korean Institute of Surface Engineering2017.09.12
10.11112Korea Institute for Structural Maintenance Inspection2017.09.12
10.14374The Korean Medicine Society for the Herbal Formula Study2017.09.12
10.9717Korea Multimedia Society2017.09.12
10.7777Korea Foundry Society2017.09.12
10.5229The Korean Electrochemical Society2017.09.12
10.3746The Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition2017.09.12
10.12772The Korean Fiber Society2017.09.12
10.6106Korean Institute of Construction Engineering and Management2017.09.12
10.13089Korea Institute of Information Security and Cryptology2017.09.12
10.9714The Korea Institute of Applied Superconductivity and Cryogenics2017.09.12
10.5478Korean Society Mass Spectrometry2017.09.12
10.5667Association of Humanitas Medicine2017.09.12
10.14480The Korean Society of Mushroom Science2017.09.12
10.7732The Plant Resources Society of Korea2017.09.12
10.7852Korean Society of Sericultural Science2017.09.12
10.9726The Korea Society for Power System Engineering2017.09.12
10.14405The Korean Society of Veterinary Science2017.09.12
10.7545Asian Society for Innovation and Policy2017.09.12
10.7776The Acoustical Society of Korea2017.09.12
10.7838Society for e-Business Studies2017.09.12
10.7464The Korean Society of Clean Technology2017.09.12
10.14403Chungcheong Mathematical Society2017.09.12
10.5393Korean Association of Agricultural Medicine and Community Health2017.09.12
10.14404Korean Society of Archives and Records Management2017.09.12
10.15230Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea2017.09.12
10.9709The Korea Society for Simulation2017.09.12
10.17820Korean Society of Ecology and Infrastructure Engineering2017.09.12
10.13161Korean Institute of Building Information Modeling2017.09.12
10.7236The Institute of Internet, Broadcasting and Communication2017.09.12
10.15523The Korean Society of Earth Science Education2017.09.12
10.14190Korean Recycled Construction Resources Institute2017.09.12
10.22669The Korean Regional Science Association2017.09.07
10.22667Innovative Information Science & Technology Research Group2017.09.01
10.22644Korea Society of Lighting and Visual Environment2017.08.25
10.22658The Korean Quaternary Association2017.08.25
10.22657Korean Society of Veterinary Pathology2017.08.25
10.22656The Korean Society of MR technology2017.08.25
10.11629Korean Association for Particle and Aerosol Research2017.08.25
10.22645Urban Science Institute of Incheon National University2017.08.25
10.22662The Academic Society of Convergence Science Inc.The Academic Society of Convergence Science2017.08.18
10.7859Korean Institute of Educational Facilities2017.08.07
10.15207Korea Convergence Society2017.08.07
10.15206Asian Network for Public Opinion Research2017.08.07
10.14702Korean Institute for Pratical Engineering Education2017.08.07
10.5139The Korean Society for Aeronautical & Space Sciences2017.08.07
10.12652Korean Society of Civil Engeneers2017.08.07
10.14699Korean Biblia Society for Library and Information Science2017.08.07
10.7465Korean Data and Information Science Society2017.08.07
10.15435Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems-Korea2017.08.07
10.15434The Korean Society of School Health2017.08.07
10.12656The Korean Society for Heat Treatment2017.08.07
10.9723Korea Society of Industrial Information Systems2017.08.07
10.4275Korean Society For Library And Information Science2017.08.07
10.9766The Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology2017.08.07
10.14408The Korean Society of Emergency Medical Services2017.08.07
10.14577Korean Institute of Rural Architecture2017.08.07
10.14700Korean Institute of Traditional Landscape Architecture2017.08.07
10.17664Korea Society of Geothermal Energy Engineers2017.08.07
10.14774Korean Institute of Interior Design2017.08.07
10.14346The Korean Society of Safety2017.08.07
10.13088Korea Intelligent Information System Society2017.08.07
10.17662Korea Society of Digital Industry and Information Management2017.08.07
10.13160The Research Institute of Chosun Natural Science2017.08.07
10.15683The Korean Society of Disaster Information2017.08.07
10.7845The Microbiological Society of Korea2017.08.07
10.15204The Society of Korean Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology2017.08.07
10.5658The Korean Society of Wood Science Technology2017.08.07
10.17663Korean Wetlands Society2017.08.07
10.3807Optical Society of Korea2017.08.07
10.5659Architectural Institute of Korea2017.08.07
10.9728Digital Contents Society2017.08.07
10.14400The Korea Society of Digital Policy and Management2017.08.07
10.7730The Society Of Sasang Constitutional Medicine2017.08.07
10.7582Korean Society of Earth and Exploration Geophysicists2017.08.07
10.17703The International Promotion Agency of Culture Technology2017.08.07
10.18807The Society of service Science2017.08.07
10.15521Korean Society of the Medical History2017.08.07
10.21288Rehabilitation Engineering And Assistive Technology Society of Korea2017.08.07
10.22664International Society for Information Technology and Application2017.07.17
10.22661Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies2017.07.12
10.7747Institute of Forest Science, Kangwon National University2017.06.09
10.6116The Korea Association of Herbology2017.06.09
10.7468Korean Society of Mathematical Education2017.06.09
10.5953Korean Society of Muscle and Joint Health2017.06.09
10.14776The Korean Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases2017.06.09
10.15269Korean Industrial Hygiene Association2017.06.09
10.7469The Korean Society for Quality Management2017.06.09
10.7474Korean Society for Rock Mechanics2017.06.09
10.7780The Korean Society of Remote Sensing2017.06.09
10.7848Korean Society of Surveying, Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Cartography2017.06.09
10.4332Korean Academy of Health Policy and Management2017.06.09
10.14478The Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry2017.06.09
10.9715Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture2017.06.09
10.6109The Korea Institute of Information and Commucation Engineering2017.06.09
10.5392The Korea Contents Association2017.06.09
10.14369The Society of Korean Medical Classics2017.06.09
10.9716The Korea Society of Information Technology Services2017.06.09
10.5762The Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society2017.06.09
10.14191Korean Meteorological Society2017.06.09
10.12673The Korea Navigation Institute2017.06.09
10.14481Korean Geo-Environmental Society2017.06.09
10.9713The Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers2017.06.09
10.7843Korean Geotechical Society2017.06.09
10.15682Korea Institute of Healthcare Architecture2017.06.09
10.7316The Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society2017.06.09
10.13067The Korea Institute of Electronic Communication Science2017.06.09
10.12655Korean Association for Disability and Health2017.06.09
10.5865Research Institute for Knowledge Content Development & Technology2017.06.09
10.5807Korean Academic Society of Occupational Helth Nursing2017.06.09
10.11568The Kangwon-Kyungki Mathematical Society2017.06.09
10.6114The Korean Oriental Medical Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology and Dermatology Society2017.06.09
10.5635The Korean Society of Systematic Zoology2017.06.09
10.12941The Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics2017.06.09
10.7853The Korean Society of Veterinary Service2017.06.09
10.7858The Youngnam Mathematical Society Korea2017.06.09
10.5143The Ergonomics Society of Korea2017.06.09
10.14773The Corrosion Science Society of Korea2017.06.09
10.14373The Korea Dietetic Association2017.06.09
10.14347Korean Academy of Dental Technology2017.06.09
10.7473The Rubber Society of Korea2017.06.09
10.13000The Korean Society for Fisheries and Marine Sciences Education2017.06.09
10.9708Korean Society of Computer Information2017.06.09
10.17477World Association for Triple Helix and Future Strategy Studies2017.06.09
10.18204International Society for Simulation Surgery2017.06.09
10.6110The Society of Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating Engineers of Korea2017.06.09
10.7737The Korean Operations and Management Science Society2017.06.09
10.7319The Korean Society for Geospatial Information System2017.06.09
10.19125Association for Research of MPS and Rare Diseases2017.06.09
10.20466Korean Society of Pressure Vessels and Piping2017.06.09
10.20910The Society for Aerospace System Engineering2017.06.09
10.21186Industrial Promotion Institute2017.06.09
10.21187Korea Music Therapy Education Association2017.06.09
10.21218Korea Photovoltaic Society2017.06.09
10.21729Korean Society of Disaster and Security2017.06.09
10.15231The Korean Society of Combustion2017.06.09
10.14248The Korean Society of Systems Engineering2017.06.09
10.15205The Korean Society of Clinical Health Science2017.06.09
10.15268Korean Society of Integrative Medicine2017.06.09
10.15433The Korean Society for Marine Biotechnology2017.06.09
10.21598Korea Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Association2017.06.09
10.18064Korean Academy of Sensory Integration2017.06.09
10.14698The Korean Association of Child Care & Education2017.06.09
10.12985The Korean Society for Aviation and Aeronautics2017.06.09
10.5909The Korean Institute of Broadcast and Media Engineers2017.06.09
10.9718The Korea Society of Medical and Biological Engineering2017.06.09
10.15432Korean Academy of Traditional Oncology2017.06.09
10.7778The Association of Korean Oriental Pediatrics2017.06.09
10.17137Korea Organic Resource Recycling Association2017.06.09
10.11003The Institute of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing2017.06.09
10.18325The society of Korean Medicine Rehabilitation2017.06.09
10.14697The Korean Association for Science Education2017.06.09
10.5714Korean Carbon Society2017.06.09
10.18770Korea Electric Power Corporation2017.06.09
10.15267The Korean Elementary Science Education Society2017.06.09
10.21219The Korea Database Society2017.06.09
10.5573The Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers2017.06.09
10.14372Institute of Embedded Engineering of Korea2017.06.09
10.6111The Korea Association of Crystal Growth2017.06.09
10.22643Korean Society of Radiopharmaceuticals and Molecular Probes2017.04.19
10.22652Korea Reproduction and Transmission Rights Association2017.04.14
10.22677Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology2017.03.16
10.22670Korea Information and Communications Society2017.03.07
10.22649Journal of Beauty Art Management2017.03.06
10.23001Jangjeon Mathematical Society2017.02.22
10.22647Ecosystem-Atmosphere Processes Study2017.02.13
10.22646Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information2017.02.07
10.22660National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage2017.01.13
10.22880Korea-China Science & Technology Cooperation Center2016.11.18
10.22640LX Spatial Information Research Institute2016.11.18
10.22641Ajou University School of Medicine2016.11.18
10.20930Korean Intellectual Property Office2016.11.18
10.20929Korean Intellectual Property Office2016.11.18
10.22650Hospital Nurses Association2016.11.18
10.8080Korean Intellectual Property Office2016.11.18

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